Organitzem viatges sostenibles a Barcelona pel grup de comunicació ETC d’Estocolm. El viatgers atravessen Europa en tren i tant a Paris com a Barcelona participen de presentacions, debats i activitats en torn als conceptes de sostenibilitat, política i respecte del medi ambient.

A Barcelona comptem amb la participació de Sergio Carratalà (fundador de MataAlta Studio), de Vicent Partal (editor de Vilaweb),  de Tersa (empresa que gestiona la pèrgola fotovoltàica del Fòrum) i de Marta Roigè (fundadora de Kalpolis i responsable de l’agenda cultural).


Organizamos viajes sostenibles para el grupo de comunicación ETC de Estocolmo. Los viajeros cruzan Europa en tren. Tanto en París como en Barcelona participan de presentaciones, debates y actividades organizadas en torno a los conceptos de sostenibilidad, política y la conservación del medio ambiente.

En Barcelona contamos con la participación de Sergio Carratalà (fundador de MataAlta Studio), de Vicent Partal (editor de Vilaweb), de Tersa (gestión de la pérgola fotovoltáica del Fórum) i de Marta Roigé (fundadora de Kalipolis y responsable de la agenda cultural).


We organize sustainable trips to Barcelona by the ETC group in Stockholm. Participants travel through Europe by train and in both Paris and Barcelona take part in presentations, debates and activities around the concepts of sustainability, politics and respect for the environment.

In Barcelona we have the participation of Sergio Carratalà (founder of MataAlta Studio), Vicent Partal (editor of Vilaweb),  Tersa (a company that manages the photovoltaic pergola of the Forum) and Marta Roigè (founder of Kalipolis and responsible of the cultural agenda in Barcelona).

Client: ETC AB


Who is ETC?

ETC is a Swedish company that started its work in 1976. The owner and founder is Johan Ehrenberg.

The company has today developed into three different directions, all organized in small companies and financed by crowdfounding.

– The first part of ETC is a media production. We publish one daily newspaper, one weekly magazine and a special bimonthly eco-magazine around issues of climate neutral houses and design. The newspapers are connected to our website that in itself has 200.000 visitors/week. The finance of these media is based on subscribers.

– The second part is growing fast and is energy. Especially solar panels. ETC has its own electric company that invests heavily in solar panels in Sweden. Around this projects we also have a school to teach energy and solar-energy, and we develop new products together with other small eco friendly partners. (We produce biochar and fermented nutrition for our readers, just to mention one product).

– The last part of ETC is ETC bygg, a special building project that started 2018. We are now building rental houses based on climate positive solutions.

All in all our readers and business contacts are mainly interested in politics, economy, environment, feminism and social matters.

We see ourselves as part of a climate movement that needs to grow fast to make this planet a nicer place for our grandchildren.